Configuring Distributed Nagios with Check MK

What happen when we have several office or clients or datacenter where we need to monitor each place separately?

In those scenarios, we could reach the servers through a VPN. But sometimes (most of the time) that’s not the best way to do it or even possible. We are going to configure several Nagios servers, each one with specific servers monitored, centralizing them on one “master” Nagios. From this Master we will add new hosts and services, configure timeperiods, and everything that Nagios allows us from one single interface and one single point of access to our big (or huge) infrastructure.

Right now, I have 4 Nagios server inside the same network, but we could have them on different subnets or even through internet. We will only need access to 3 ports, so if you have a firewall between the nodes, you have to forward the traffic.

Nagios Master:
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